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Citius Lacrosse includes:

  • Youth and High School Local and Travel Teams
  • Camps and Clinics
  • Individual and Group Instruction
  • Top Quality Field and Faciliaties
  • Experienced Coaching
  • College Recruitment Guidance 

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Welcome to Team Citius Lacrosse.  

We are in San Antonia Texas developing Team Citius Lacrosse into a premier lacrosse program to provide new players of all ages the opportunity to learn the sport of lacrosse and to provide experienced players with the training, skills and techniques to elevate their game and make them stand out in the growing sport of lacrosse.

We'll be providing Camps, Private and Group Instruction in San Antonio Texas.

We will be partnering with Ed "Go Go" Lovelace and his Phewsioneering Training Program and Coach Ryand Huyghue, to offer some of the best training and lacrosse you'll ever experience! 


Team Citius Lacrosse will be offering two summer camps, a youth camp and later a speed lacrosse training camp for those players who want to get ready for fall select teams. We will have more information for you in August, so you can plan your fall We know that some players are also playing football, so we will be mindful of that in our planning.   

Here are a couple of Introduction videos

Here are some of the college, former college and pros who have gone through the Phewsioneering Training Program

What makes TEAM CITIUS LACROSSE teams successful is speed. We do this by applying a lifestyle of speed to the sport of lacrosse. When greater speed is introduced to the game, it produces an environment where quicker decisions have to be made; ball handling skills and shooting accuracy are therefore amplified.   

News and Announcements:

Team Citius Lacrosse is hosting a Lacrosse Speed Training camp on Friday and Saturday,

July 29th - 30th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Cost: $175.00

Registration is Open!   Click Here  

Team Citius Lacrosse is also hosting a Youth Camp on Saturday and Sunday, 

July 15th and 16th from 9:00 am to 11:30 am

Cost: $125

Registration is Open!   Click Here  

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